30 High Authority Video Submission Sites List 2018

Want to bring tons of traffic to your website?

And, Increase its SEO ranking?

I know you do.ūüėŹ

Well, you’re lucky I know one easy and effective way by which you will hit two birds with one stone.

Videos! Videos! and Videos!

How videos?

By creating videos in your niche and submitting them to high domain authority video submission sites you will build brand awareness about your website and will also get highly valuable backlinks to your site. Getting backlinks from high domain authority video sites will boost your site SEO ranking in SERPs drastically.

And you know what all the big SEOs and marketers are doing the same. By creating and sharing videos based on their sites niche they are directing tons of traffic through video submitting sites.

Still, confuse! why videos?

Check out these mind-blowing stats.

  • According¬†to Statista,¬†In 2020, the number of¬†digital video viewers in the United States¬†is projected to surpass 236 million.

Digital video viewers in the United States 2021 Statistic

  • The number of¬†mobile phone video viewers¬†in the United States is projected to reach 179 million in 2020. Currently, viewers aged 18 to 24 spend the most¬†time on smartphone video content¬†‚Äď 83 minutes per week.

Global mobile video traffic 2021 Statistic

It is the most effective way of promoting your products and services. Almost all popular bloggers and online marketers use video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion to get traffic and to build high domain authority backlinks.


SEO Benefits of Video Submission:

  • Build¬†high authority backlinks.
  • Improve page ranking in search engine results.
  • It is an important part of the off-page SEO strategy.
  • Just as SEO, Video SEO too is an affordable measure to get a massive online following.
  • Videos can help drive targeted audience to your site.
  • Embed your own videos on your blog to grab more attention which decreases bounce rate.
  • Videos tend to gets spread easily which increases brand awareness.

Other Benefits:

  • Once get monetize, you can generate more profits from videos also.
  • Can do affiliate marketing.
  • Create a huge fan following on social media.
  • Can do Influence marketing by reviewing products.
  • Creating and sharing videos is the easiest way to increase the traffic.
  • Help you grab those customers who prefer watching videos over reading blogs.
  • Helps you make easy tutorials.
  • Videos help bringing your brand closer to the audience.


High Authority Video Submission Sites

  • Page Authority – Represents the authority of a specific page / URL on a 1 to 100 scale.
  • Domain Authority – Represents the authority of the domain on a 1 to 100 scale.
  • MozRank – Representing the global link popularity on a 1 to 10 scale.


Average Page Authority = 100
Average Domain Authority = 100
Average MozRank = 10

Let’s start with the no.1 video sharing platform. ¬†It‚Äôs the most popular¬†video sharing platform YouTube itself is the¬†biggest search engine after Google and one can do SEO for better ranking in YouTube search results. You can create a channel and even monetize¬†your videos here. You can embed your¬†video on your website.


Average Page Authority = 100
Average Domain Authority = 100
Average MozRank = 10

Facebook is quickly catching up with YouTube.  Live videos and autoplay videos are popular and get millions of views every day.  Creating a business page and uploading videos is an easy strategy to build the audience. Also, you can promote your videos on Facebook through paying option.


Average Page Authority = 99
Average Domain Authority = 99
Average MozRank = 10

You can paste your video link or directly upload to your Google plus page.  Since YouTube is a part of the Google family it automatically posts to your Google profile for you, so the process is effortless. But you to join communities on Google Plus to promote your video.


Average Page Authority = 95
Average Domain Authority = 96
Average MozRank = 10

It is the second best place to share your videos.  It is home for high-quality videos and the people who love them. It has a large search volume by which you can generate traffic to your website as well and can embed videos also. You can easily grab the audience of your nice.


Average Page Authority = 82
Average Domain Authority = 94
Average MozRank = 8

Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in the world competing with YouTube.  You can create a profile with your email and upload your videos.


Average Page Authority = 81
Average Domain Authority = 95
Average MozRank = 8

It is a music sharing site but it still allows you to upload videos. But the video should be music related. If you have a music related website and want to gather audience consider this one.


Average Page Authority = 74
Average Domain Authority = 92
Average MozRank = 7

It is a video site for gamers. You can broadcast yourself playing or talking about games while others watch you either live or via archived footage. Archive your gameplay, chat with other gamers and join various gaming communities. So, if you have a gaming related website then consider using Twitch.


Average Page Authority = 76
Average Domain Authority = 91
Average MozRank = 8

You can have a profile and upload videos of different categories with ease and create tags and description for each video. Good option if you have a site with multiple categories.


Average Page Authority = 76
Average Domain Authority = 91
Average MozRank = 8

There are more than 150 million active users on Pinterest. It is one of the most used social media platforms to share pics, infographics and videos. Videos shared are usually 1to 2 mins long. Food recipes, quick tips, baby and pets videos are most viewed videos on Pinterest. Best for food, health, parenting and pets related websites to share videos.

Instagram and IGTV

Average Page Authority = 97
Average Domain Authority = 99
Average MozRank = 10

You can create a business page on Instagram and provide a link in bio directly to your site and post. On Instagram, you can post videos up to 60 seconds only but on IGTV you can share longer video. With IGTV Instagram is trying to beat youtube and is one of the social media trends in 2018.

Other Video Sharing Sites With Hig Authority:

SitePage AuthorityDomain AuthorityMoz Rank
flickr.com92979 82958 81938
ustream.tv78928 77938
fark.com67817 60696


If you are aiming to boost website traffic then make sure you submit video according to the niche of your site. An irrelevant video won’t help you gather the audience to the website.

Upload high-quality video whether you are a YouTuber or a website owner. Blur video won’t do good.



Now you know where to go to submit your video will to improve your SEO efforts.

Creating videos and sharing them is an excellent marketing tactic to generate traffic to your site and increase its SEO ranking in search results by getting high authority backlinks.
Videos easily go viral and people enjoy watching them while travelling

If you know any other video submission sites for sharing videos, feel free to share in the comment section below.


By Rishabh K Sharma

Rishabh is a hospitality professional with a pinch of marketing.

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